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mini 2sides cocktail table cabinet game machine

  • Specification : 1. 2 or 3 side available; 2. wonderful music appeal to everybody 3.60 games inside


Product Description


*with 60 arcade classics games
* 2 or 3 side available

*19" LCD
*Jamma Game Board Technology
*Beautiful smooth finish with chrome legs
*Portable table easily moved
*Industry high quality joysticks and buttons selectable 4 or 8 way
*colour: as picture

*12 months warranty
*2 years technical phone and email support


Packaging & Shipping

Standard exporting package



Our Services

*12 months warranty
*2 years technical phone and email support



Company Information

Guangzhou Loyoyo Electronics and Technology Co., LTD. is a collection of Video Games,simulator machines,cocktail cabinet ,slot game machine cabinet,bumper cars and Kiddie Rides processing, design, the production, the sale, the export of integrated professional electronics company ,also including hareware spare part such as token coin ,joystick ……for game Since 2008 ,the company is continue to absorb a variety of talents, improve product quality, improving staff quality, in order to grow their companies.


Business strictly in accordance with relevant state laws, regulations and rules of the WTO requirements management according to law, actively participate in regional economic cooperation, recent years our exporting business has been exporting to over 20 countries worldwide,such as USA,CA,Brazil,Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Holland, India, Russia and so on


OEM and ODM order are acceptable.All the products are manufacture by ourself .The company will be in the tenet of quality, price and delivery time, after-sales service let you rest assured, gratified.


Quick Details

Quick Details

  •                     Brand Name:                     LOYOYO

  •                     Model Number:                     LELX-90

  •                     Place of Origin:                     Guangdong, China (Mainland)

  •                     Players:                     2 or 3

  •                     wonderful music:                     yes

  •                     game:                     60 games inside

  •                     color:                     as picture

  •                     voltage:                     110/240v

  •                     monitor:                     19' 22' 23' 26'

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